Wenzhou Kaitian Machinery Parts Co., Ltd

      Wenzhou Kaitian Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of combination machine tools, general-purpose parts and various special machine tools. The company has a professional team, senior production and technical personnel, long-term research and development and design of CNC machine tools, cutting knife, turret, sli...

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  • R&D design

    The sophisticated R&D design team introduces reverse engineering design, and continues to innovate and improve. It uses 3D new technology to assist design and control new product development, and its high quality and high efficiency meet the needs of the market.

  • Process flow

    It has complete gold cutting, sheet metal processing, material heat treatment, precision measurement, assembly production process.

  • Manufacturing

    Each process affects the quality of the workpiece, consistent production process, quality and efficiency to meet customer needs.

  • Product testing

    In accordance with ISO / TS international standards, we can achieve the quality of the company with precise inspection, which makes our customers' customers feel at ease and trust, and create the outstanding value of Jinbaoda.

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